Friday, November 9, 2012

Product Announcement- Chef Tess Seasoning Blends

As our facebook fans already know, Gg's and Chef Stephanie Petersen of Chef Tess Bakeresse have joined forces for good, or as the Chef would say "for evil...goodness".  What's so evil, or good about this new arrangement?  The bright, bold flavors of Chef Tess' Original Blends.  Manufactured with the strictest quality, these bottles  of pure joy promise to delight.  They are in stock and ready to ship now in singles, custom 4 packs, or a very special 8 pack, with full size bottles of each Chef Tess blend.
Chef Tess Blends are easy to use, just add them to your favorite pasta, potato, egg, or veggie dishes.  Our friends with Allergies should be made aware that the "Amazing Wok Star" blend does contain wheat, and all the Chef Tess blends are processed in a facility that also processes wheat.

~Here's one of our favorite tips for using Chef Tess herbal blends in your everyday cooking~

You'll need:
Ripened Tomato or halved grape tomatoes
Cottage Cheese
Chef Tess Seasoning Blend of your Choice

Arrange sliced tomatoes atop cottage cheese and sprinkle with herbal blend of your choice. Enjoy the benefits of an herbal blend designed to work with your body to calm, comfort, and delight the senses.

Want more information?  Descriptions of each blend and pricing are available in the Generous Giant store.
Want to try Chef Tess with a discount? enter chef10 at check out for 10% off your entire order.

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