Monday, December 3, 2012

Kids in the kitchen

When kids visit the kitchen, mom puts perfectionism away
I am passionate about bringing kids into the kitchen.  Its funny, because I'm also somewhat of a perfectionist, and will admittedly get frustrated when my vision for a project does not end up matching the vision of the child I am working side by side with. But that's ok, we're creating memories, not perfection.  My 9 year old son LOVES with a capital L Gingerbread.  And I love to make it with him, but its tricky, heavy, doesn't always remain even remotely in one piece. One year I cut double of each shape just to be sure we would get at least one structurally sound Gingerbread House.  It was a pain, but the little boys and girls my son made were darling and delicious.  This year, Chef Stephanie Petersen aka Chef Tess has another idea: build your houses out of something a little less delicious, and spend more time on the fun part. This year, I think we'll do it Chef Tess' way, and save the yummy gingerbread for boys and girls and little trees and bells.  They'll be darling, and the house will be a dirty trick for anybody who tries to eat it.  These are terrific inexpensive gifts, and your kids will love you for the time you take with them to complete these.

Chef Tess' "Gingerbread" Houses

Are you going to make Gingerbread this year? Post your pictures to our Facebook page, we'd love to hear from you!


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